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Thursday, July 6

8:00am CDT

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Artemis Bridge Simulator DoubleTree 2204 Artemis Cosplay Repair Kit DoubleTree Plaza 2 CONvergence for the Socially Anxious DoubleTree Bloomington Dealing with the Aftermath Sheraton Whalon Doctor Strange Fan Panel DoubleTree Atrium 6 Geeky Small Businesses DoubleTree Atrium 2 How Military Experience Influences Storytelling DoubleTree Plaza 3 LGBT+ People in Utopian Societies DoubleTree Atrium 7 Non-Compliant Geek's Guide to Self Care DoubleTree Plaza 1 Religion in the Future DoubleTree Atrium 4 Speculative Fiction Against Colonialism Sheraton Ames Storytelling Podcasts DoubleTree Edina Diamond Dust Dreams Game Demos DoubleTree 2207 Table D Exploding Kittens DoubleTree 2202 Table A Kitsune: Spirit Chase! DoubleTree 2207 Table C Splendor DoubleTree 2202 Table D The Boy and the Beast DoubleTree Atrium 1 Artist's Alley Sheraton Chadwick Art Show DoubleTree Plaza 6 Brackenwald Studios DoubleTree CONvergence Central 3 CoreCon/Anime Fargo/dCON DoubleTree CONvergence Central 10 CVG Teen Room DoubleTree Lobby Conference Room Dealers Room Sheraton Bloomington Ballroom Gamer's Rhapsody DoubleTree CONvergence Central 5 Gamer's Rhapsody DoubleTree CONvergence Central 6 Geek By Numbers DoubleTree CONvergence Central 8 Hot Chocolate Media DoubleTree CONvergence Central 9 PFLAG DoubleTree CONvergence Central 4 QueersPlay DoubleTree CONvergence Central 7 Sony Affiliate for Spider-man Homecoming DoubleTree CONvergence Central 2 Twin Cities Geek DoubleTree CONvergence Central 1 Sword of Air DoubleTree 2205 Table A

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