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Adam J. Whitlatch

KHP Publishers, Inc.
Bonaparte, Iowa
Adam J. Whitlatch is a speculative fiction writer, freelance editor, and aspiring
musician. A fantasy enthusiast from a young age, his interest in science fiction
was first sparked at the age of ten when his father played the infamous 1938 Orson
Welles War of the Worlds radio broadcast for him on Halloween, a tradition Adam
carries on to this day. From 2012 to 2015, Adam worked as an associate editor with
KHP Publishers, Inc, managing their science fiction imprint Retro Rocket Press.
His published novels include The Weller, Birthright – Book I of the Temujin Saga,
and the official novelization to the animated film War of the Worlds: Goliath.
Adam lives on a small farm in southeastern Iowa with his wife, Jessica, and their
three sons.