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Lathan Murrell

Hello Mysterious internet people reading this! I think I am suppose to say some things about myself. Well, I am a nerd. I can probably break that down in to a little more detail.

Comic books, anime, and science fiction have been huge influences on my life. Besides being a huge fan, they have shaped my interests and attitudes I study biophysics and social anthropology and like to write about the relationships between science, history and pop culture. I practice various Asian and African based martial and traditional arts. I spend a lot of time outdoors usually climbing skating or perching on things dramatically.

Many of my role models are superheroes, not because being a hero is cool. but because often being a hero often really sucks, but they do it anyway. I use the Kwai Chaing Kaine/MacGyver problem solving method. That is every problem can be solved with a positive attitude combined with, applied science, Kung-Fu, an insightful metaphor, or sexy hair.

I love talking about anything and everything so please feel free to chat me up :)