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Theresa Nielsen

Kaposia Inc.
Employment Consultant
Minneapolis, Minnesota
I grew up as the middle child of five kids in a middle class catholic family. We had lots of love and our Dad "Russ" was always trying to find things we were good at and then giving us support so that we always knew some measure of "success" in our lives, even if it was something small. He would go to our games and plays and when we moved away from home he would write us letters to stay in touch (he hated talking on the phone!). He kissed and hugged us every day and that is one of the things I miss the most. He left us all too soon. My mom is a talented musician and my number one supporter. I have learned so much about being a person of substance from her. She has shared her gift of music with the church for over 60 years!! I work with people who need support on their jobs, weather it is emotional support, additional training, job adaptations or just having someone to rely on, and I find it very rewarding to see them gain success in small steps. I am a self made computer geek and internet addict!! When I want to know something I research it on the internet, find a how too manual and then just sit at my computer until I figure it out! That takes patience but I am always happy when I can solve the puzzle. I love Sci-fi and going to various sci-fi conventions locally and abroad. I have ambitions to make a mid-life career change, but I haven't figured out what to change too?!!! I have a special person in my life who completes me and that is Angela my life partner! We have a poo-chon (poodle and Bichon mix) named "Gabby" and enjoy alot of the same things in life. We have ambitions to travel to many different places. Our top choices would be New Zealand,Ireland and Swedan!